Story Of Few Minutes Of Being Uncomfortable And Disproportionate Results

Hi, my friend!

Welcome to today’s post! I’ve another story for you.

I was heading to the beauty parlor today to get my eyebrows done and missed my bus! So, I happened to chat with one exchange-student from Europe, who was also waiting at the stop.

After some back and forth about our respective professions, and generally, how diets don’t work et al., she asked me about those people that were successful – she wondered aloud, “what makes them achieve lasting success with dieting against all the odds?” she asked.

It’s a fair question to ponder over. This is what I’ve seen to be the reason for their results.

Success comes to those who are willing to be uncomfortable in the present time, as a trade-off for results in the future.

Not just with dieting, it’s true of everything, if you think about it.

It is so damn uncomfortable depriving yourself of that beer now for some future well-being of your current functioning and wonderful liver. Whaaat??

The brief discomfort of saying no to beer will help you keep the kilos off and your liver safe. 

That movie date with the cute boy who has no job feels like a balm to your lonely heart today, but it eats into your time that you’d otherwise invest in looking for someone better placed and more deserving of you.

The brief discomfort of accepting loneliness, will eliminate the distraction and gets you focused on actively looking for someone more aligned to your values.

Buying that n-th saree this year – for which you don’t even have room in the closet – is an inability to endure the discomfort of shopping seduction and anxiety of passing up a sale without buying anything.

The brief discomfort of temptation to spend money on something you don’t even need will help you realize how you’ve enough money to invest and grow your wealth.

Looking back, you’ve successfully traded many short term gratifications to get here in life, my dear reader! I know you can do it. And you know you can do it too.

But we all need reminders, don’t we?

Tracking is a tool that reminds you of just this! Tracking helps you see when you fall off the wagon and warns you if you want to get back on track.

This is what my client – whom we’re calling Leela, realized in her tracking and philosophically calls it her Jr G :-), which nowadays speaks to her even as she reaches out to those “foods.”

A tool that doesn’t react to your going off-course, but gently holds the mirror – isn’t that such an adult-like way to do it?

Jr G famously alerts her several times a day now asking, “Short term instant gratification is just that, it is a brief thrill. It comes in exchange for unnecessary pain, want this??”

Now my friend, tell me this – would you like Jr G to help you too?


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