A Topic So Important That I Want To Write About It All Year!

Hi, lovely reader!

Welcome to July! Half the year is already behind us, huh?!

Another way to look at it is – half the year is still ahead of us, for all that we’ve planned to accomplish before 2019 ends.

So, how do you do it?

I don’t know if you’ve ever used this magic habit – tracking.

A common habit of successful folks

I’ve taken courses and studied a variety of topics under some uber-cool people like Ramit Sethi, Todd Herman, Marie Forleo, Amy Porterfield, and so many more. Tracking IS NOT OPTIONAL when you work/learn with these folks.

I can CONFIDENTLY say this one thing I learned, my friend – NOT tracking your progress is a serious mistake – whether it is with food, weight loss, money, dating – whatever it may be, that you are trying to get better at, you.must.track!

Struggle #1 that everyone deals with

For all this month of July, let’s take the example of one of my beautiful clients who goes by the fictitious name of Leela, and I’ll guide you to learn some critical lessons in tracking.

If you remember her story from last week, life put her in a situation where she had to make a 180-degree turn concerning food. And we had budget constraints for whatever we were going to do, mainly because of the hefty medical expenses she was taking care of.

So, I asked her to please give me a list of A-L-L the edible items currently in her kitchen. Oh my goodness – the struggle #1 showed up like crazy: DENIAL. After much back and forth and immense resistance, she sent me this ‘sterile’ list – now looking back, even she laughs about it!

This is what denial looks like

Next week when I share with you all that she DID NOT include in the list, you will see what denial was all about 🙂 

But for now, see the list she sent – she even sent the prices of things (I had never asked for it!). This is how we all distract ourselves 🙂

rice –  120 x 15

idli rice – 115 x 4

t dhal – 180 x 6

u dhal – 180 x 6

g gram – 185 x 1

c dhal – 145 x 1

g nut – 140 / 0.5 kg

kabuli c 140/0.5

To be continued.

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