A Zero-Guilt Laddoo You Can Make In 5 Minutes Or Less

Hi there, my dear reader,

It’s been the busiest two weeks since I’ve last spoke with you. But tests are over, assignments submitted, and I am on my way to getting better as a fragrance artist 🙂

Someone engaged me in a conversation over this .. I explained everything I knew in great detail from a nutrition standpoint, which I’ve written here.

And after a lot of head-nodding and ” absolutely agreeing,” they said they are going to go home and make paneer out of buffalo’s milk to use in recipes for the upcoming festivals.

Girija of 25 years ago would have cried rivers of frustration over this 😂 , but Girija of 2019 just went and took a luxurious nap for 30 minutes!

Coaching, counseling, and teaching are all activities focused on people that are open to receiving.

Even with self-directed and/or unassisted activities like reading, information that one is reading needs openness to be received.

And real learning always brings about a relatively lasting change in behavior. It needs practice for it to become a habit, though.

I see people with various levels of readiness for coaching and learning. But I work exclusively with those who are committed to objective self-assessment. These people are my tribe.

So, I wanted to help my tribe with a delectable yet easy sweet recipe for the upcoming festivals. And I came up with this Oats Laddoo for you.


Here’s how to make these delicious Oats Laddoo-s  


Oats – regular old fashioned – 1.5 cups

Almonds – handful

Medjool Dates – 10-14, depending on how sweet you want it

Cardamom Powder – 1 tsp

Place the dates in a bowl of water.

Put the oats in a food processor and powder it.

Then add the almonds into the processor, powdering it and mixing it with powdered oats.

By this time, the dates would have softened. So, drop the dates into the processor – you may chop them if you want to be kind to your machine – and turn the mixture to look like moist bread crumbs. Somewhat like this –


At this point, take some of this mixture and clump it to form a lump. It must hold the shape well. If you find it somewhat powdery, add a couple more dates and process it again.

Add the cardamom powder and process one final time.

Then take 1 tbsp amounts of this mixture and form them into laddoo-s.

There you have it, my friend! A Laddoo, that’s healthy for you.

Sssshhh … don’t tell anyone it came together in 5 minutes!

Enjoy prepping for the festivities, talk soon!



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