I help motivated Indian women win over their food cravings. As an outcome of this, they develop a love for cooking, and eating healthy. They also report that harsh self-criticism has toned down a bit, and feel beautiful.

However, we live in a world that's obsessed with results. The kind that the world would take notice of and approve.

This translates to women chasing after that elusive dream number body weight or waist measure or the vague cliched term mindful eating! Taking this route is mostly self-defeating, rarely gives you any results and is painfully frustrating.  

What I've seen to be most effective however, is focusing on the process. This involves three steps -

  1. Understanding the Science of Nutrition
  2. Converting your understanding into action steps
  3. Having an expert teach you how to stay on the course and assess your progress


This approach is empowering, enriching and brings you lasting results.

While you may not entirely give up rating potato chips or Pakoras as your top favorite "food" to eat, you will genuinely find out how eating a salad can totally delight your senses.




At Health Initiatives, my foundational goal is to interpret Science for you - in an easy to understand, everyday language. 

Indian women around the world today are making changes to how they cook and eat, based on food trends. Paleo, Keto, Low-Carb, Pescatarian, Vegetarian, Vegan and so many more tracks. Food trends are much like fashion - now here, now gone! These are NOT grounded in Science. Choosing what you eat must be based in Science.

And I make it simple for you to understand Science. Why?

Because YOU matter. YOU making food decisions from a place of understanding and awareness matters. It matters to you, your family and it matters to the entire planet itself.

Actionable everyday steps are a way of translating the knowledge of Science - this is how you bring it alive for yourself.

It does not matter what you know and what you've understood - IF you don't break it down into actionable steps and actually do it. Transformation in your behavior is the proof that you've really understood something. This  is especially true of Nutrition. At Health Initiatives, I cover a lot of ground teaching you these skills.

Eating healthy is not just about food. Eating healthy is also about mindset - you must learn to deal with your ek-din-mein-kya-bhigad-jayega type of injurious thoughts, your own self-talk and temptations. There is also a social and interpersonal skills component - to handle  all situations at all points where your food decisions are made - whether that's in your own kitchen or in a social setting else where.

Feedback and support has the potential to accelerate your learning and results like nothing else can. 

It's not very difficult to learn something entirely by way of referencing the internet and books - but it takes a lot of time and it is a trial and error approach. However, it is certainly doable.

That said, expert feedback accelerates learning greatly - costly errors can be entirely avoided and mistakes can be corrected faster. And the compassionate support of a skilled professional is immensely valuable when the process of learning and practice gets challenging.

This is what truly sets apart Health Initiatives and myself - I bring you a combination of clinical experience of working with thousands of people over fourteen years, continued training and an approach grounded in personal values of integrity and service.

What Others Are Saying:


Nisha, a sought after design professional.

Before working with with you, I constantly gave in to temptations and made no effort to watch what I was eating. Even when I did, one slight disruption was all it took to go downhill permanently. Now all that has changed, Giri 🙂

mrin copy
mrin copy

Mrinalini, an entrepreneur and mom

"Girija, I was out all day - it was surprisingly easy to resist fried hot cutlets and chai served during meetings. Waited effortlessly until I got home and had soup followed by dinner - zero oil! 


Aparna, a leading finance expert who is also a marathoner.

My relationship with food has been tumultuous. After working with you am very calm around food. Emotional eating has stopped and performance recovery is better

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