“All was well .. until I went to that function and saw others eating sweets!”

“Hey G, I was eating so nicely according to plan until that function happened! It could not be missed, and I went. People were eating such delicious sweets anywhere I saw. I lost it and how! Since then, it’s all been downhill. Now tell me how not to eat sweets?!”

This was R’s question a couple of months ago. I know this is a very, very common one too! I coached R, and since then, she hasn’t touched anything sugar – it’s about eight weeks and counting! Read on if you also want to kick your sugar habit for good.

Some background info: R is a big B fan, and she loves cooking and baking. Sugary things were her only weakness.

And here’s the highlight of our coaching session.

G: I know just the mantra for you – ‘zafrani pulao mein cheeni nahi dalte!’

Each time you reach out to eat anything sugary, you must say this mantra aloud. And you will stop eating sweet things after this 

R: Whaaat???

G: Have you watched cheeni kam? Remember big B firing that chef in the kitchen – that fellow who had his wife’s pic stuck over his utensil rack, and he’d dip into identical jars of sugar and salt for the cooking. Had he sugared Tabu’s order of zafrani pulao – storyline yaad hai?

R: Connection kya hai. Am still puzzled 

G: When you’re baking or cooking something sweet – let’s say while you’re baking a cake – and you’ll see some luscious kashmiri mirch you picked up. Would you toss it in your recipe? It’s luscious! Soooo colorful too – why not??

Of course, you will not! You will maintain the integrity of your ingredients to the recipe until the dish is created. You do that even after it is created! You wouldn’t serve that damn cake with some avakkai on the side. Hai ki nahi!

R: smilingly agreeing 

G: Now imagine you are making a dish – savory dish – and it’s called Slimmer-me. There is NO sugar-related ingredient in this dish – EVER!! Anytime you lose track of what you’re making and start putting sugary things into Slimmer-me, you ARE ruining your dish!

All those other people you saw at the wedding, they’re busy making some other dish. It’s a dish called EatNowCryLater! Did you want that for yourself? Then it would be best if you started doing what they’re doing! If not, your only focus must be on making Slimmer-me! Don’t wreck the process carelessly.

R: Oh, my God!! Okay, hereafter am going to say to myself ‘zafrani pulao mein cheeni nahi dalte’ each time I feel like planting my face in a sweet.

Some 10 -15 days ago R messaged – “damn it G! I am unable to eat a sweet after I say that mantra. I was at Ry’s parents’ house (Ry is her American husband), and when I reached for something sweet, Ry hissed at me – you don’t sugar your pilaf, do you! Bhaag gayi sab udhar hi chod ke!!”

You’ll feel angry sometimes and sad at other times as to how unfailingly this damn mantra works! The bottom line is, it works. 

Try pushing yourself past it. Your sweet will not feel so pleasurable anymore!

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