Am Not Sure You Grasped This At All!

My mentor says, “in this day and age, success comes to those who know how to cut out the noise and focus on what truly matters!”

Golden words, isn’t it, dear reader? She often says this to get us on track.

Given just how it snaps me out of mindless activity each time she says it, I now say it to myself several times a day. I shared a video last week. I’m not sure you grasped this part.

I will share JUST ONE fact from the video. Because appreciating just this one finding can transform your life.

In a lab setting, when the researchers want to study diabetes, they induce diabetes in mice. Do you know how it is done?

Take a guess.

Did you say feed excess sugar? Nope.

Did you say feed excess carbs? Wrong again!


They feed the mice with excessively fatty foods. And in no time at all, the once healthy mice become diabetic!

The researchers were very stunned by this finding, and they went on to try it with humans. And what do you think happened? The once healthy human subjects developed diabetes promptly.

What else counts as fatty food, you think?

Oil (think pooris), butter (think pav bhaji), cheese ( another name for which is pizza), ghee (that which you may be using in your rasam, roti, rice and I don’t know what else), cream (ice cream), paneer (roshogolla), curd (maybe an everyday staple), to name a few.

So, you may be thinking – okay, Girija! Why the hell are you bothering me with all this talk on diabetes? I don’t have it and am not interested!

It is this same excessive fat that causes insulin resistance. It also causes PCOS, unwanted excessive hair in women, painful periods, irregular periods, imbalance of hormones, making it difficult to conceive and pimples at all ages. I am only naming a handful of most common problems women today face because I don’t mean to upset you.

I also say it so you can recognize how most recipes you get to see in your social media news feed, television shows, and magazines are noise. They make you drool, and they cost you your precious health.

Next week I will educate you further on what this insulin resistance is and how to prevent it. But you have to be an insider to get the video link. Are you signed up for my newsletter?

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