Let's Talk Food, G!

Desi Visitor To The US – Part 1

By girija | Oct 15, 2017

The coming summer months in the US bring a lot of Desi visitors – both at home and business alike. There is a definite concern to stay healthy through their stay and make the most of their travel. So all this month, I’ll stick with this theme and share some important tips to eat healthy

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Why Won’t You Eat Healthy?

By girija | Jan 19, 2017

Hey y’all! Hope you are all doing fabulously .. wishing each one of you a fantastic 2017. I refuse to get pulled and pushed about making resolutions about this or that, so I am not going to ask you either. I took some time to understand the feedback given to me by my private clients

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Knowledge and Behavior are two different things

By girija | Apr 27, 2016

Let me share with you this insightful conversation I once had with a stranger. We were both  at an airport, having some time on our hands before we could board our airplanes. She goes ‘ we all know we shouldn’t be hogging on potato chips. But I do!  As a dietitian do you also feel like it,

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