Story Of Few Minutes Of Being Uncomfortable And Disproportionate Results

Hi, my friend!

Welcome to today’s post! I’ve another story for you.

I was heading to the beauty parlor today to get my eyebrows done and missed my bus! So, I happened to chat with one exchange-student from Europe, who was also waiting at the stop.

After some back and forth about our respective professions, and generally, how diets don’t work et al., she asked me about those people that were successful – she wondered aloud, “what makes them achieve lasting success with dieting against all the odds?” she asked.

It’s a fair question to ponder over. This is what I’ve seen to be the reason for their results.

Success comes to those who are willing to be uncomfortable in the present time, as a trade-off for results in the future.

Not just with dieting, it’s true of everything, if you think about it.

It is so damn uncomfortable depriving yourself of that beer now for some future well-being of your current functioning and wonderful liver. Whaaat??

The brief discomfort of saying no to beer will help you keep the kilos off and your liver safe. 

That movie date with the cute boy who has no job feels like a balm to your lonely heart today, but it eats into your time that you’d otherwise invest in looking for someone better placed and more deserving of you.

The brief discomfort of accepting loneliness, will eliminate the distraction and gets you focused on actively looking for someone more aligned to your values.

Buying that n-th saree this year – for which you don’t even have room in the closet – is an inability to endure the discomfort of shopping seduction and anxiety of passing up a sale without buying anything.

The brief discomfort of temptation to spend money on something you don’t even need will help you realize how you’ve enough money to invest and grow your wealth.

Looking back, you’ve successfully traded many short term gratifications to get here in life, my dear reader! I know you can do it. And you know you can do it too.

But we all need reminders, don’t we?

Tracking is a tool that reminds you of just this! Tracking helps you see when you fall off the wagon and warns you if you want to get back on track.

This is what my client – whom we’re calling Leela, realized in her tracking and philosophically calls it her Jr G :-), which nowadays speaks to her even as she reaches out to those “foods.”

A tool that doesn’t react to your going off-course, but gently holds the mirror – isn’t that such an adult-like way to do it?

Jr G famously alerts her several times a day now asking, “Short term instant gratification is just that, it is a brief thrill. It comes in exchange for unnecessary pain, want this??”

Now my friend, tell me this – would you like Jr G to help you too?


If You’re Holding Hot Coffee Or Something, Place It Down AND Then Read 😆

Oh, my dear reader!

Laughter is truly the best medicine there is. Well, my boss did not think so. A quick story for you –
One day he caught me being cheerful and laughing about something in the clinic waiting area. He sent word for me and said, ‘it’s not nice for a patient to see us laughing like this when they’re in pain. Please be serious hereafter!’

I was 22-23, 10 x more outspoken than am now 🤣 + had an arrogant shrug ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and had retorted back right away saying, ‘if they’re in pain, all the more, why should we all be cheerful. So, they will forget their pain at least for a brief moment??’

He was stumped! And annoyed with me. But later in the evening, he had left a note on my desk saying ‘G was right, S was wrong’ .. the nicest boss I’ve had I must say.

So why am I saying all this?
We’re continuing with Leela’s story of learning the Tracking habit. Now that she was working with me, it was the first day of her following my way. She _had_ to eat a huge salad and drink her soup at each meal, and you know this by now from just reading my emails!

And I got this panic call from Leela – it was close to 11 pm in her time zone.
I was a little stunned – and she was talking to me in whispers – and she was hissing she had gained three full kilos in 24 hours! And she said something was seriously wrong her as she had not seen anything quite like this and was worried.

This is what I did not know at the time of 11 pm panic phone call.
Leela had this strong conditioning from working with numerous exercise and diet “experts” to weigh herself every night before going to bed. And sometimes she’d check her weight 2-3 times a day, especially if she had gone to a wedding and eaten three or four feasts over the day.

Having seen all her blood reports just two days prior, nothing was alarming me, so I just comforted her, saying we could speak in the morning her time and asked her to go to bed. Her puzzling text message next morning –

“I went.”
I texted back -“??”
now she says, “I went G.”

It was morning her time, but it was my bedtime after a long workday. I had no patience for a cryptic text message, so I called her. She said her weight is good after ‘she went.’ Something about how she said “I went” and how she explained what she meant cracked me up like crazy 🤣

So, my dear reader, the lesson of this email is this – on the best diet, you’ll lose a maximum of about 20-30 grams of fat per day – THAT’S IT!
And what’s more, ALL OF US have perpetually fluctuating body weight, and it is NORMAL. So, please know it is useless to measure it several times a day. Or even once every day in the weight loss context, no matter which “expert” tells you.

This is the best example of tracking useless things – and a mistake I see more often than I care to share.

By the way, I went = I pooped!


Embarrassment And Assumption That Only Silly People Do All This!

Lovely reader,

Welcome to part 2. To refresh your memory, we are looking into Leela’s story and discussing tracking, all month long.

This habit of tracking is by far the most useful habit one can develop if you’re looking to get results of some significance. If you want to get better at saving money, you must track your spending. If you’re looking to improve your running speed, you must monitor your practice runs. You get the point, right!

Even though you may be nodding your head in agreement with me on all that I’m saying, it doesn’t mean you’d willingly do it if you need to. And this is what I want to talk about today, {!firstname_fix}.

What the hell ya G – this is so silly!

This is a standard response when I ask people to write down everything they are putting in their mouths. And in Leela’s case, the ask was even more significant – we had to get crystal clear about what foods she had access to in her kitchen because her results did not match her report of what she was eating.

For example, you may reluctantly say ‘I had bread’ – and I’ll need so much more information than just this – such as,

‘did you eat it with jam?’

‘what does the jam contain?’

‘how many slices of bread and how much jam?’

It isn’t very comfortable for many women to see it for themselves in detail, all that they are eating. So, they shut down and deliberately turn a blind eye to this side of things.

Did you know this about Japanese train drivers and conductors?

I had to share many examples of tracking and how it is used the world over – by regular, fully-functional smart adults – so that Leela would feel comforted and stop feeling small.

 For over 100 years, Japanese train drivers and conductors have been using a specific type of tracking method called pointing and calling.

If they have to make sure the railway platform is clear, for example, the conductor will look to his right, point his hand to the right, turn and look to his left, point his hand to the left and say okay. The procedure is the same. Whether it is to turn a switch on or off, stop or take off to a signal and every other possible move.

Does it all look and feel silly? Well, perhaps it does to some people. But what truly matters is that it cuts down the risk of errors by a whopping 88 percent! Now, what do you think?

Now, every reader, every client that comes to me, sees me as straight speaking and compassionate. So, every blog post is written in the same vein., with a clear intention to make you aware.

Here’s a list of things in Leela’s pantry that had failed to make it to the list. She had genuinely believed that these “once-in-a-way” items did not matter at all. Any coconut oil, millet, or bitter gourd is, by default, she believed to be “healthy.” Take a look!

jam – 3 varieties

marmalade – 1

chundha – 2 varieties
amla morabba
sesame oil – for idli dose
sunflower oil – for tadka
groundnut oil – for mixed rice
coconut oil – for good fat
mango pickle
lemon pickle
avakai pickle
mango garlic pickle
lemon ginger pickle
gongura pickle
amla pickle
tomato pickle
coriander thokku
tamarind thokku
sesame chutney powder
curry leaf chutney powder
molagai podi
groundnut chutney powder
rava idli mix
ragi dosa mix
sev mixture
diet chakli (made with coconut oil = “good fat” therefore the “diet” tag)
diet muruku (same as above)
pav bhaji masala
dhabeli masala
biscuits for tea
cream biscuits to snack
digestive biscuits
condensed milk
millet thattai
bitter gourd chips


Mastering Food Budget – A Client Story

I’ve got a story for you today! Grab a chair have a read … the aha moment is just beautiful.

This client of mine, let’s call her Leela. She lives with her husband and two kids and two sets of parents a few steps away from her place. A young mother herself, she was doing a fabulous job of being there for the two sets of elderly parents, balancing the social dynamics and all with admirable poise. Now and then, she would think of buying this or that as a way of adding to her convenience – for instance, chopped onions, peeled garlic or washed cauliflower ready to use – and she would say – ‘oh this, I can’t fit in Girija .. it costs extra and it adds up.’

And then, some health issues flared up, requiring her to reconsider anything and everything she would put in her mouth. With this, her meticulous attention to balancing their family budget took a new level of intensity.

Silver lining:
This happens with every single one of us.
Think back to the times when – you have just 30 days to go before the exam, and you have that many chapters in this many subjects to revise. When you feel you are already resourceful and are facing constraints – you learn a whole new way of looking at things. That is to say, your definition of resourcefulness goes up by a few notches! This exact thing happened with Leela, too.

Suddenly the situation was that she had to eat organic veggies and fruits as much as she could. She had to switch to non-dairy milk and curd. She had to bring in outside help for the kitchen. And she just had to stretch that budget and make it work! The health issues have a way of bringing urgency as nothing else does in life.

Teaching moment:
Leela is one of the most intelligent and sensitive people I know. I only have to hint at something, and she gets super creative and goes to town with it all by herself!

I remember sharing a leaf off of my own life and saying, “Leela, I became friends with one wealthy lady at my art class. Those were the days just after my wedding, and everything about running the house was new to me. My friend and I were window shopping, and it was the 2nd or 3rd of July as I remember it. And there were attractive sales everywhere we looked. She finally picked up a beautiful vase and had the florist next door put together the incredible bouquet using some of the best blossoms. It looked HEAVENLY. And she had quietly said to me – the best part is that it is guilt-free spending. I had gotten curious about what she meant and asked. That chat with her that followed my asking profoundly changed my life.”

Changes I made following that chat with my wealthy friend:

When the salary comes in – set it up such that savings portion is taken away even before I can lay my hand on the spending portion of the money.

When I sit for breakfast – I finish eating my day’s quota of vegetables before I put anything else in my mouth.

When we eat at restaurants– I tell them to box away half the amount in the takeaway box even before they bring my other half to eat.

When I wake up – I make the bed and fold the blankets so that I’m not tempted to back and curl up again.

So different compared to what I had seen and known:

I had only seen people do it the opposite way – at 7 pm, they’d remember how they haven’t had water all day and guzzle a whole jug. Halfway through dinner, they’d remember salad and eat some – begrudgingly. Exercising, money-saving, doing homework in time – almost always was some version of ‘oh-I-should-have.’

Aha moment:
After listening to my own story, she instantly identified what she could do differently. She chuckled – “aiyyo Giri, I am buying cream biscuits and namkeens ahead of buying rice and vegetables!”

Leela has promised to send in her new take on the family budget, and I’ll be sure to share it with you! She has done a stellar job of it.

And for you, my friend, my reminder is this: pay yourself first – whether it is time, money, love, or energy – first pay for what matters to you, don’t ever make it an afterthought.



The Secret To Quitting Your Favorite Foods While Dieting

One of the most frequently asked questions I am asked is if I tell people to quit eating meat or dairy or some other food. The fact is, I don’t take any long term decisions for my clients.
However, I do invite them to try quitting certain foods for a brief period just for the feel of it. I have a lot of dairy and meat-loving clients that come to me. Most have complaints about stubborn bodyweight problems, irregular periods, acne, irregular bowel movement, etc. We have our customary on-boarding chat that goes something like this –
Them: “Girija, it’s just soo baffling how this weight thing is one problem that I can’t seem to handle ya. It feels like such a basic thing. It’s food and exercise after all, but I don’t know what it is … it’s just – !”
Me: “I get it! You handle such big projects for your clients and accomplish such amazing stuff at your work, and all you do for the community, plus run the house! But we all have one such thing where we feel perplexed, just puzzled how nothing seems to work.”
Them: “You feel this weight thing can be dealt with?”
Me:” I do feel like you have a fair chance .. are you open to taking guidance as part of working with me?
Them: “Of course .. but give me an example.”
Me: “Like, if I said, please give up so and so food for a period of say – 10 days, would you be offended?”
Them: “LOL, I wouldn’t be offended .. but I love curd .. I mean, I LOVE curd! And wait, I LOVE seafood, grilled chicken .. I LOVE meat.”
Me: “LOL, It’s fine to love it all. No need to stop loving it. But what if you just did not eat it for a brief period of time?”
Them: “Ah, if I assume it’s pooja time, it’ll be possible. No problem!”
And they come aboard. When the time comes to quitting dairy for a while, there will be a slight feeling of anxiety and sadness, but they still do it in keeping with the spirit of the program. In just a few short days, I receive emails and messages that read like this –

This was precisely a month ago. In only four short weeks, Mayura has lost over 10 pounds of weight and has completely turned around her eating. And above all else, she is HAVING FUN doing it.

Yesterday, she sent me pictures of how she and a friend went out for pizza – she just asked for a pizza minus the cheese. And had them use hummus instead. PLUS plenty of colorful veggies. And for dessert, she had mango compote with chocolate.

She saw it first hand how quitting dairy and meat did not feel as harsh, but it has much added to her sense of self-esteem. She now has a reference for both scenarios – how the body feels with and without dairy and meat. She is better equipped than ever before, to decide which way she wants to go.

The secret was in having the openness to giving up some food she liked, just for its experience. Developing that mindset is the first step. Truly empowering, isn’t it!

It is a series of tiny actions of responsibility like the ones Mayura has taken, that make a person feel good when they look in the mirror.

Another big takeaway for you as a reader is this – when you are learning something new, you can accelerate the process significantly and get dramatic results when you have a tight feedback loop.

Over a short period of one month, these tiny actions translate into small increments of weight loss and finally add to what is a massive weight loss sooner than you’d realize. This is what gives us a feeling of accomplishment. 

I am immensely proud of you, Mayu! She is a CEO, and her multiple-award-winning organization is doing some phenomenally good work in the area of craft – preservation and creating livelihoods.
As always, a reminder to say – this post is a very generous share to inspire anyone that may identify with this story. These are not typical results, and no big promises are being made via this post.
Mayura is a real person, as am I, and she has worked very, very hard for what she has got and continues to do so. I’d love for you to please congratulate her and ask me if you’ve any questions.

The Lure Of Food Versus Joy Of Health


When we first met, Nimisha struggled with skin problems, hair, and low energy. She had scoured all the resources on the internet, and it had left her feeling miserable, angry, and hurt, and above all else, confused! 

When the information shared has a plan to fill the biz coffers primarily, it is hard to take a stand. There’s no option but to sway to the tunes of your next sponsors and their hype. This is the reality of the world we live in! And every one of us is responsible for how things are today.

Nimisha is a diligent and intelligent lawyer turned educationist. She has other vital roles play as a young mother, wife, and daughter. She needs the energy to be on the run for long stretches at a time. And leading her to treat carbohydrates like her enemy caused her woes. To add to that, pushing more meat, more eggs, more dairy brought more new problems.

This post is for everyone that asks me – “Girija, do you ask people to give up meat?” I’ve written about it here to help you understand how exactly diet professionals work these days. Well, in principle, I do not believe in making decisions for others. Not even for my clients. And talking about meat, the world’s longest-living people in the Blue Zone communities do eat meat. The question then would be how much and how often. Humans as a species are omnivores – there’s no denying this fact.  

All this said, in my program Mind Your Gap Master Your Plate does involve abstinence. My clients get amazing results and feel empowered to take their own long term decisions, whether they want to go back to eating meat or not. 

I am curious to learn from my clients as much as they do from me. And I asked Nimisha how she was doing, with no meat. In her own words – “I am off dairy, and any kind of meats and I am surprisingly doing good. In fact, I am eating normally without worrying about a thousand things before putting the food in my mouth.”  

You may wonder how do people sustain giving up things like dairy and meat? The joy of vibrant skin and lovely hair is sustainable. Boundless energy to do the work that you are passionate about is very sustainable. The lure of addictive foods that do not serve our nutritional needs doesn’t hold up compared to the joy of health. I invite you to try it for yourself!

Nimisha is affectionately called Nims. Nims, I am very, very proud of you. May you be well, may you be healthy – now and always!

Please note that neither Nims nor I have no obligation to share this – her personal story with the world. It is out of genuine intention to inspire other women who may be in a similar situation, that we have let you in on some highlights of our journey together. Questions are welcome, but please be kind. Compliments are even more welcome!   


What Nobody Tells You About Emotional Eating

Are you someone, or do you know someone who has a rather stressed relationship with food? Are you someone, or do you know someone that uses food to deal with stressful situations? And not even realize it??

This could have happened to most of us as a one-off thing – as children, during growing up years, do we recollect a time when we were given food to comfort us? Or as young adults, we would have resorted to some kinda ‘comfort food’ to comfort ourselves at some point to tide over a stressful situation. But what if it becomes a regular thing with us?

Given all the confusion there is around food nowadays, there are many many women who are perpetually stressed over what to eat.

Oh, this fruit? Now?? It causes me cold.

Oh, that vegetable causes me gas.

No, I can’t be eating this rice – of all things – and ruin my sleep with guilt.

And they go back to square #1 – just WHAT do I eat?

As if this were not enough, there are twice as many more that eat – because they are stressed.

Oh! Diet be damned; I am feeling LOW today. One small samosa cannot hurt.

Oh, it’s my hard-earned bonus day, my dear! What’s a celebration without some chocolate!

After feeling great about the treat only momentarily, they feel guilty again, aka ‘stressed,’ and reach for that chocolate all over again.

Aparna is a phenomenally brilliant finance professional. She is a marathon runner and long-distance cyclist – a thriver in every sense of the word. The kind of diligence it all takes to balance grueling workouts with her high-power position at work and run one’s home is not for the ordinary. She wanted to examine her behavior around matters of food and intuitively joined the program.

There have been many many success stories that came from the simple act of keeping a Food Journal. Probably hers is the most remarkable of them all. Every step was a revelation of sorts for her.

The results, in this case, were more qualitative by nature. She had wholly gotten a handle over her emotional eating, even by the second week of the program. She was no more asking google about ‘how to eat healthy.’ Or checking for ‘what happens if I ate blah blah and blah’. She’s able to make sound decisions around food suit her sporty lifestyle. She often stops by to say how empowered she feels about herself. And how she’s respectful of the food and her body.

Aparna speaks for me when she says, Mind Your Gap is a fantastic program for someone who is mature and ready to put in the work. That’s true. This is not for people who desire overnight results MINUS any self-reflection or size zero body stats!

What’s your takeaway from this story?

May your #1 lesson be this: Emotional eating in today’s world is not so much about your emotional brokenness and/or emotional highs and lows – it’s about the environment.

We all live in a world where our food environment has been rigged. Unfortunately for us, while it serves some vested interests, it works entirely against us. And within this environment, it doesn’t take a lot of stress to make emotional eaters out of the best of us!

Let me illustrate what I mean by this.

When a food vendor grates an extra block of cheese onto your sandwich (or even a dosa these days!), it helps him and his shop gain popularity – with your upvotes – for his tasty food. How is it serving you or your health beyond those few minutes of pleasure while eating that? Hmm .. highly questionable. Contrarily, are you drawn to his shop? And his cheese-laden sandwich again and again? Very likely! What if every vendor and food maker in the world uses food as a bait to get your business? Do you see the point? Willpower doesn’t take you anywhere given vice-like grip your food wields over you.

When you finally internalize this fact, you’ll take notice of what you put in your mouth. Until then, you are loyally serving somebody’s else’s interest and not even realizing how dearly it costs you.

Fact: Neither Aparna nor I have a compulsion to sharing this story with the world. Yet, Aparna and I both realize the power of stories like these, upon which the takeaways stand. It’s her utter purity of intention to reach someone that may be in a similar situation, which inspires me to let you in on some highlights of this journey.

Request: Please remember, people mentioned in this story are real people in flesh and blood, with a beating heart and feelings. Be gentle with us. Questions and comments are excellent, so long as they are respectful.

Disclaimer: This is no promise of results. Outcomes depend on any number of factors, and each person and situation is unique.


The Giant Confusion Around Food And Eating PLUS How To Solve It



Mrinalini wanted to be an excellent example for her little children. She wanted to be able to make informed decisions around food without going back to school to study Nutrition. She had tried to exercise away her extra pounds gained over the years, and she had started to wonder about the missing piece of the puzzle as she had not gotten anywhere with that approach.

Low carb is the way to go. Absolutely!


Low Fat High Protein makes more “sense.” It is the safest that there is.

Is there something like a Carb-tree? Or a Protein plant ?? When the hell did people switch to eating carbs and protein as opposed to food! Rice and beans, bread and jam, you get that. But who has ever bought a pack of protein or a kilo of carbs?

Okay! Let’s say you play some version of an eenie-meenie-miny-mo and arrive at one strategy to follow. But then what next? How and what to cook? What do you do at each meal? And what to eat the next day?

There are many many women out there who are sailing in the same boat as Mrinalini once did. Intelligent women are committed to the reasoning and process as much as they are to the outcome. Gym “trainer” that is clueless about scientific evidence, puts them on a schedule of some mishmash of exercise movements and promises weight loss, muscle gain, etc. Same with diet vendors – who make ludicrous claims, give impractical advice, and charge enormous fees.

No reasoning is ever given, or when it comes by, it rarely even appeals to commonsense, let alone be scientific. Such women lose their spark and end up feeling angry and hurt when the system not only fails them but requires them to dumb down – just to fit in.

Over the last quarter of 2017, Mrinalini committed to learning the basics of Nutrition. What use is any learning if it doesn’t translate to action, right? She was sporty enough to do her homework in all earnestness, even when she did not believe in certain activities’ usefulness.

She was delighted when she found herself back at her dance classes! There was no more eating like a maniac, and the vice-like grip had loosened so much that she now felt zen-like in her attitude. Yet, she was brimming with energy. Each time she checked her weight, it felt like a gift.

Towards the beginning of this year, she had recorded a nearly 17, yes SEVENTEEN pounds of weight loss. Now, did she feel stretched? Was it difficult?? Heck yes! But she saw it as a meaningful pursuit for herself, and therefore she did it.

What is your takeaway in all this?

May your #1 lesson be this:

Commit yourself to understand the basics. Nutrition is a science, and its practice is evidence-based. Like Daniel Patrick Moynihan famously said, “You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts” – you need to deeply understand the distinction between facts and opinions.

I agree with you, there’s a lot of noise out there in food matters, and it’s difficult to tell the difference between right and wrong even for a professional. That said, the internet gives access to both sides of arguments for any topic. Develop a healthy curiosity and let go of stubborn clinging to something just because it’s “safe” and/or that’s all you’ve known.

Fact: Neither Mrinalini nor I have a compulsion to sharing this story with the world. That said, Mrinalini and I both realize the power of stories like these, upon which the takeaways stand. It’s her utter purity of intention to reach someone that may be in a similar situation, which inspires me to let you in on some highlights of this journey.

Request: Please remember, people mentioned in this story are real people in flesh and blood, with a beating heart and feelings. Be gentle with us. Questions and comments are excellent, so long as they are respectful.

Disclaimer: This is no promise of results. Outcomes depend on any number of factors. Besides, each person and their situation is unique.


Number #1 Mistake Of A Weight-loss Journey And What To Do Instead

Fact: Neither Nisha nor I have a compulsion to sharing this story with the world. That said, Nisha and I both realize the power of stories like these, upon which the takeaways stand. It’s her utter purity of intention to reach someone that may be in a similar situation, which inspires me to let you in on some highlights of this journey.

Request: Please remember, people mentioned in this story are real people in flesh and blood, with a beating heart and feelings. Be gentle with us. Questions and comments are excellent, so long as they are respectful.

Disclaimer: This is no promise of results. Outcomes depend on any number of factors, and each person and situation is unique.

Imagine this: An overweight lady in the Indian context. What will follow in your head is probably images of similar overweight characters in movies and television, the jokes and songs based on them, people talking behind their back, offering unasked for advice, and so on. If you have been an overweight person yourself, it will probably bring you a rush of the painful jab of images and words you’ve had to endure.

After repeatedly braving through such barbs and quite possibly putting oneself through many secret weight loss endeavors – to not much success, understandably, the person develops a shield of sorts. These shields are masks and come in many types. The most common ones are I-don’t-care-for-how-I-look mask, This-is-my-body-type mask, It’s-about-you-not-me mask and I’ve-made-peace-with-how-I-look mask and so on.

At other times, the person uses a very spiritual lingo to turn away from a harrowing situation – “I love my God-given body” or “Acceptance is key to happiness” and so on. Somehow, it “feels” legit when we say to ourselves or comfort a loved one with words like – “if they remarked thus about your weight, it speaks volumes about who _they_ are.” Or “don’t take _their_ comments personally,” or we stifle our inner voice with “count your infinite blessings and accept your body just the way it is.”

Psychologist Robert Masters calls it a “spiritualized strategy for not only avoiding the pain but legitimizing the avoidance.”

This is not to blame or point fingers. This is also not a holier than thou kind of observation, for we all do it. And it is certainly not body shaming. With growing up comes responsibility – responsibility to identify BOTH, the problem, and its solution. But the keyword here is awareness. If only we become alert to our resistance and work through the difficulties and pain, the results can be astounding.

I am reminded of the Reinhold Niebuhr quote – God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Nisha seemed like one courageous lady who had internalized this kind of wisdom described in the quote. She had the bravery to admit that her ways with food and eating habits needed looking into. It is not short of gallantry to open yourself to scrutiny at this level. If you want to understand what I’m saying, record all you eat – every single morsel you put in your mouth – for a short period of three days and send it for a critique! Okay, don’t even bother sending it. Write it honestly and look at it yourself.

Over the last four months, she has worked enormously diligently, and just before the end of 2017, the weighing scale read a full 20 – yes, TWENTY, pounds lesser than where she had started.

What is your takeaway in all this?

Have you considered walking, jogging, gym joining to lose weight? Many many women do just that. When you are looking to lose a few pounds and look trimmer, the first thing that comes to mind is to exercise away all the excess.

May your #1 lesson be this:

Research is evident about exercise NOT being a useful weight-loss tool.

While exercise has and plays a significant role in your well being, it’s what you put in your mouth, meal after meal and in between meals, day after day which needs looking into, if you are trying to lose weight.