Another Recipe .. This Time A Sweet One!

The last couple of weeks have seen me hosting guests at home, somewhat more than usual. I enjoy connecting with the people, listening to the stories of their lives, and showing them around. And of course, cooking and sharing food with them.
But you know what, things could have slipped out of control had we eaten out that many times with each guest. Restaurants only care to keep us craving for their food. And so, they make it stimulating! Oozing with grease and dripping with sugar.
And I made a lovely kheer using the humble sweet potato – and no grease or sugar! Just one failing in all this – I’ve no pictures to show you, my dear reader, except for one very blah one! So, I am not showing it. Because I was running around and serving my guests, it did not occur until it was all over.
This kheer recipe involves 3-4 steps and as many ingredients too. So here we go!
a. Sweet potatoes: 2-3 – I used orange ones one time and used purple ones two other times.
b. Fruit to sweeten your kheer – I used banana with the orange sweet potato and used dates with the purple ones. You may use any dry fruit of your choice, like raisins or figs. But be sure to soak them in water to soften them. Also, know that dry fruit is more caloric than if you used fresh fruit like banana, apple, or mango. The quantity of fruit depends on how sweet you want your kheer.
c. Nut milk to blend and adjust the consistency.
d. Spices to elevate the taste. I used saffron and cardamom in the orange sweet potato kheer. And used just cardamom with the purple ones.
1. Take sweet potatoes, wash thoroughly, and make a few nicks using a knife.
2. Place them in a baking tray and bake them in the oven at 350 F for about 30 – 45 mins until soft.
3. Peel the skin and process it in a food processor along with a fruit of your choice and nut milk, until it reaches a kheer consistency.
4. Serve it chilled or hot, as preferred.
Baking or roasting the potatoes caramelizes them and sweeten them further. If you are using the bananas, you may caramelize them on a nonstick pan on the stove.
And! Be sure to nick those potatoes – or they will burst open inside the oven, and it can get very messy.
Play around with spices – try others that may appeal to you.
I share this recipe with you to show how exquisite and delectable dishes can be made healthy. It’s indeed possible to eat tasty food that is great for your body. I hope you’ll make this sometime. And let me know when you do!
Until next time,