Love – Theme For February Posts

Love. That’s the theme for this month of Feb, for all the blog posts here at Health Initiatives.

Yes, I’m still into being a food coach and I still enjoy helping Indian women around the world with weight loss and cravings.

Love. That’s the theme for Feb, for all the blog posts here at Health Initiatives.
Yes, I’m still into being a food coach, and I always enjoy helping Indian women around the world with weight loss and cravings.
So what’s love gotta do with it, did you say? One word A to your Q is – everything. Yes, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.
We’re going to discuss the only love relationship that there is – the one you have with yourself. Since every other love relationship is only a reflection of this, we’ll discuss some self-love facets. And I’m going to especially show you how, eating healthy and making the right food choices – in the face of your cravings – is a direct statement of love that you have for yourself.
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The Feb month blog is going to be slightly different in a sense, there will be no ‘Ask G’ type of posts! I’ll turn tables on myself and give you a peek into ‘How G learned’ kinda situations 😁

Truth be said, there’s no place better than a hospital setting to learn some self-love. For years and years, I was in situations where I’d have 9-12 hour work days that gave us no time to eat! And by the time we got ourselves to the cafeteria samosas, ketchup and chai for the North Indian palate vada, chutney and coffee for the Southies was all there would be available! 🤔?? Yes, hospital cafeterias do see this as a food fit for their staff and do sell it to anyone that wants to eat there. Including patients! And if I dared to leave the patients waiting and sneak out to eat, there was bakery 10 minutes away that had veggie puff (a savory pastry) and cakes!

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I’m Human .. I’m Humanity Too

As I take in the exquisiteness of this blank canvas of a brand new year ahead of me, it feels exhilarating.

SO much to learn, SO much to give, SO much to do!

And I’m hearing a voice saying – ‘oh, you are just one person, Girija.’

Sigh! Yes. I’m not arguing. It is right after all, isn’t it!

Just in time, I remember the story of the hummingbird in ‘Dirt! The Movie’. This a lovely story of a tiny hummingbird who lived in a big forest. And the forest is caught in a big bad fire. All the animals are overwhelmed, and they don’t know what to do! This little hummingbird steps up and says, I have an idea, soak up the water from nearby, and attempt to douse the fire. The other animals say to the hummingbird, you are just one little bird and the fire is big as is the forest. So, the hummingbird says – “I’ll do the best I can!”

This felt so persuasive to me that I got SO much done! As I was humming to myself and working, I went back to the days of college, Physics lab to be precise. Those experiments to show how light is a particle and light is also a wave, remember? As if to say, the light particle is a tiny part of the bigger whole, and light as a wave is the whole. Think about it. The same is also true of water.







Each one of us is one small tiny human, and we’re each complete humanity too. Now, how powerful is this?

This means, whatever you do for your tiny self, you’re, in essence doing for the entire humanity. Right?

Wow! Just. Wow.

I offer you this for your contemplation practice, for the rest of this month:

“I am human, and I am humanity too. So, what I do for myself, am doing for the entire humanity itself” Girija