Coffee, Movies And More

Hey lovely reader, I want to ask you something. Raise your hand if you identify yourself as a coffee lover. Would it ring true if you said ‘my name is {fulfill your name}, and I am a lover of all things coffee!’?

When women share this about themselves, I usually laugh and say how they remind me of Rambo! Remember his line. ​​​​​​Rambo is my name, and killing is my game?! This sounds kind of like that. 

Let’s discuss beliefs this month and see what there’s to learn about them. First of all, what’s a belief you may be wondering. It is just a thought we think a lot. Most frequently-thought thoughts become a belief. If you keep thinking a thought like – ‘aha ha! This wonderful aromatic coffee! what would I do without it’ – soon it becomes a belief such as ‘I can’t function without coffee’ or ‘life is not worth it if my days don’t start with a steaming hot cup of filter coffee.’

So, here’s the first thing I want to share when it comes to beliefs. Our brain is a big believer in conserving energy. Like, it doesn’t believe in thinking some new thought because it sees it as wasting energy. So, what does it do? It keeps recycling thoughts over and over and over again.

Please reflect upon this a little bit. And I’d love it if you head over to the comments section and share some of your personal beliefs – could be about coffee or movies! Or even your belief about beliefs.

I’m eager to read your comments 


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