Do You Start With Upma Recipe And End Up Baking A Cake Instead?

I have a question for you.

What if, just what if, you get started with making say, upma in the kitchen and halfway through losing track with that! You get side-tracked so badly that you fail to see the vegetables you chopped for upma, the curry leaves and green chilies you kept aside, you even forget that you took out the salt and hing from the cupboard!

You get so carried away with the rava cake recipe that somebody is making on the youtube that you are watching on your iPad while cooking in the kitchen. And you ignore all the prep you had made for upma, and you end up baking the rava cake instead.

Has this ever happened with you? What if it does happen with you??

I asked this exact question to one of my clients recently. And she quickly said, ‘oh, that would never happen to me, Giri!’ So, I asked how come?

“Because, right from when I get started with making upma, my mind is set on it. I will see myself eating a plate full of upma while looking through my Facebook feed – in my head – long before it ever gets done!” she said.

This was the same person who was calling in to tell me how she forgot about her eating healthy plans and weight goals just two weeks into the new year. She was stunned that what she was doing was just that – starting with upma intention and ending up with a cake instead!

Here’s what I discussed with her and am going to share with you too, my friend – listen carefully. I told her that she must write down her healthy eating and weight goals 20 times a day spread over morning, noon, evening, and night.

And she has reported how that goal sentence keeps buzzing in her head at all times of the day!

Oh, you know what? I do this myself with my own goals. And I cannot tell you just how useful it is in programming your whole system towards your goals. It just doesn’t let you waver at all! It certainly makes it very, very hard to err. Try for yourself and tell me how it goes for you.

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