Do You Worry You’ll Look Bad If You Said That?

Have you seen your car mechanic sometimes tilt his head and listen to the car sounds intently? I think that’s the cutest sight because it reminds me of my sweet dogs.

I digress. Just like how dogs and mechanics slant their heads to catch any strange sounds, I look for particular words that my people speak when they come for a session with me.

One that gets my attention is this four-lettered word can’t.

‘ I can’t give up milk.’

‘ I can’t let go of coffee ever.’

‘I can’t do this diet thing. It’s too hard.’

After patiently listening to all they’ve to say, I smile and ask – ‘hey, is it can’t do or won’t do?’

‘Of course, I can’t say I won’t, G’ they retort.

Saw that? 

I ask why not.

And they give me some variation of ‘it will make me look like I am lazy/bad/resistant/disinterested.’

No no nooooo.

It will NOT make you look wicked or lazy or disinterested. It will make you seem honest.

And that, my friend, is a game-changer for you right there.

Being sincere about what you’re feeling about milk, coffee, diet, and just everything else in life, really – IS the first right step towards solving the problem – it will only help you arrive at solutions and move you forward, my dear reader.




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