Flop Stories. And Lessons Only They Can Teach

My lovely reader,

When you read my posts about inner work, beliefs, and transcending cravings yeh woh week after week – it may very likely give you a picture of everything being ultra-organized smooth sailing perfection on the other side of the weekly email.

Oooh! I wish I could show you my picture as I write this, my friend – an entire day of work that hasn’t gone well, more drafts than I care to admit that did not feel right and recipe video that I could not edit for the life of me! I am irked and sleepy. And I had nothing to write to you or put on the blog post. I want to hide under the table and not come out ever again!

And! I found it impossible to sleep without writing something to you. What would I say to my coach and mastermind group – that I chickened out?? I’d rather own it to you! So, sit down – let’s chat. 🙂

This is the ugly underbelly of commitment, my dear reader. It stretches you, and it clobbers you to doing what you’ve promised. Even when no one is seeing, that person inside is always looking!

Whether it’s writing a blog post or eating vegetables at every meal, commitment to doing it consistently – against all the odds, no matter what – can and does feel like it sucks the energy out of you.

It is normal for one to wonder sometimes, what the hell am I putting myself through. The trick, however, is to feel that and yet do what needs to be done. You must own the sucky feeling and do the best you can. It doesn’t have to be perfect. But it better be earnest!

The messiness of life is universal, my lovely reader. So, that’s no excuse. And like my coach says, we have to decide which one we’ll keep – excuses? Or results? Because there’s room for just one of them!

Lots of love until next time!

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