“Hey G, What Does It mean To Heal Yourself?”

These last few days, I’ve been discussing paradoxes wherever I go, I don’t know why that is! I’m not complaining at all as these conversations are giving all parties concerned with some stunning clarity.

Let’s get right to the question someone asked me – “Hey G, what does it mean to heal yourself?”

Let me share the context a little bit – this person struggled around some seemingly small trivial issues for a very long time. Until it was no longer insignificant or unimportant anymore. And we were/are untangling it together and getting back on track. And they asked this question.

What do you think healing yourself means?

The moment I asked myself this, my inner girl shot back –

“It sure doesn’t mean that you can pull your own teeth and do your own surgery if and when that’s required, Girija.” 🙄

‘Oh my mooh phat is still active, huh’ I thought 😂 Jokes aside, what she said is correct! So, to that extent, ‘heal yourself’ is misleading.

Upon reflecting over this, here’s what I find ‘heal yourself’ to mean –

It means that you are the only person who can take responsibility to heal yourself. 

Only you get to decide to ask for help (or not), whether it is from a dentist, surgeon, dietitian, whoever. In normal circumstances, no healer will come knocking on your door, asking what part of you needs fixing.

But then, you must also remember that your trainer can’t make you fit any more than your bank can make you wealthy. Your growth, your learning, and your healing is an outcome of your own effort. It would help if you shouldered that responsibility.

See the paradox of it all, dear reader?

It would be best if you struck a balance between having the humility to ask and receive support. Without becoming a puppet in the hands of some doctor, teacher, guru, whoever – to the extent that you don’t even realize that they’re only saying the things you want and like to hear.

You must be able to listen to your intuition and receive constructive criticism and feedback.

So, all in all, you must be able to see and recognize opposing forces in action for any given situation. And above all else, deliberately choose to stay aware!

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