“How The Hell Should I Celebrate If Am Not Eating Paneer, No booze, No This Or That??”

No objects were hurled at anybody, and nobody was injured in this discussion – just saying! 🙂

Hi lovely reader,

I get to have some wonderful, deep, and meaningful conversations with women as part of the work I do. I can’t tell you how grateful I feel for the wisdom I glean from all this.

Today I’ll give you a peek inside one of those eye-opening exchanges I had last week.

Them: G, my brother, and I would have to share a cup of milk when we were growing up. My mother would say to us – “when you grow up, get rich enough to each have a full cup of milk, each eats a whole boiled egg. And eat your rotis with butter! But for now, this is all there is, kids.”

G: hmm

Them: And now, I am rich – I can have a whole cup of milk as many times I want, eat as many eggs as I like, and Persis (their very trusted house-help) makes the best rotis, but I had brown bread delivered! And white butter, too!! And here, you’re saying this is bad, that is bad.

G: Hmm, I only said what science says about it.

Them: wohi baat hai – all the same! After all this struggle to grow up, study, earn – why?? When I can’t even have butter on my bread, what is the use! How to celebrate?? No paneer, no butter, no booze, no non-veg – nothing!

Have you wondered about this anytime -about how more of something isn’t necessarily better by default?

No matter how much money we make, our bodies process only those foods it is meant to process;

No matter how rich we become, our stomach can still hold only so much food that it is meant to handle.

We can still only wear ONE saree at a time!

When we go from a very very humble situation of very little food to eat and very few clothes to wear, it is reasonable to desire and have goals of having more of these things. A little more than what we need with some more to spare. Such that, it is not a hand to mouth existence.

But! If we don’t pay attention to our inner talk, go go go – hustle hustle hustle mentality can land us in deep trouble. We tend to forget that we are still the same species with the same kind of simple bodily requirements even though we may have advanced in the socioeconomic sense.

The question is not how much paneer or meat or milk or booze you can afford. The question must be, does your body require paneer or meat or milk or meat – and if yes, how much can it afford to process safely, isn’t it!

It was such an enlightening session for both of us that for me. Personally, I had taken some quiet time to reflect upon it, most of last week.
More money = more milk, more meat, more booze = more happiness? No!

Beyond a point, more of anything doesn’t lead to greater happiness or contentment by default. If we’re mainly talking about food, it requires deliberate effort to use the money wisely and appropriately so that the food we consume brings us the joy of good health.

We often need to spend money to free up time, eat, sleep, and move our bodies – some required activities that cannot be outsourced!
So, I request you to give this some quiet time and think through – 2020 is approaching fast. Make sure you have some clarity around this so that 2020 can be your best year yet!


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