“I quit, G”

I was like, hey, wait! Whaat?

Very dramatic. Just then, the email takes a whole lot of time to load up. And finally, it did. It was the same person in the upma story from last week.

She wrote in to say she has quit staying stuck.

I was stunned by how she has taken action. Even more importantly, she came up with some critical pointed questions for our session. And that’s what I want to talk to you about today.

She asked me how to figure out exactly when she’s jumping the upma lane to end up in the cake territory.

What a fabulous question!
So, I asked her current situation – when does she realize it. And she replied, earliest is at least 2-3 weeks after going completely downhill and hitting rock bottom. And that too, just a fleeting feeling of ‘oh damn, I have fallen off again.’

Dear reader, now please tell me something – do you ever remember watching the highlights of a cricket match? Or say, Wimbledon? Or any sport for that matter?

Do you recollect seeing the delicious s-l-o-w motion of a calculating Javagal-Srinath-160-kmph-swing that catches the batsman entirely off guard, he messily attempts to get it, and the ball flies beautifully into the waiting hands of the wicket-keeper?

This is precisely what you must do with the action of jumping upma lane to see how you unintentionally end up landing in the cake mess. This would be just like slow-motion replay to analyze a close run out or LBW. You know right, how these elite players studiously watch hours and hours of videos of their own innings?

While you may not need to do such an exhaustive study of your actions, you must bring similar diligence to assess yourself. This is the only way to get unstuck.

There you have it, my friend! Thanks to our upma girl, you got some insights too. Giving her these examples sure got me unstuck in one area of my life big time this month, more on this next time.


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