If You’re Holding Hot Coffee Or Something, Place It Down AND Then Read 😆

Oh, my dear reader!

Laughter is truly the best medicine there is. Well, my boss did not think so. A quick story for you –
One day he caught me being cheerful and laughing about something in the clinic waiting area. He sent word for me and said, ‘it’s not nice for a patient to see us laughing like this when they’re in pain. Please be serious hereafter!’

I was 22-23, 10 x more outspoken than am now 🤣 + had an arrogant shrug ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and had retorted back right away saying, ‘if they’re in pain, all the more, why should we all be cheerful. So, they will forget their pain at least for a brief moment??’

He was stumped! And annoyed with me. But later in the evening, he had left a note on my desk saying ‘G was right, S was wrong’ .. the nicest boss I’ve had I must say.

So why am I saying all this?
We’re continuing with Leela’s story of learning the Tracking habit. Now that she was working with me, it was the first day of her following my way. She _had_ to eat a huge salad and drink her soup at each meal, and you know this by now from just reading my emails!

And I got this panic call from Leela – it was close to 11 pm in her time zone.
I was a little stunned – and she was talking to me in whispers – and she was hissing she had gained three full kilos in 24 hours! And she said something was seriously wrong her as she had not seen anything quite like this and was worried.

This is what I did not know at the time of 11 pm panic phone call.
Leela had this strong conditioning from working with numerous exercise and diet “experts” to weigh herself every night before going to bed. And sometimes she’d check her weight 2-3 times a day, especially if she had gone to a wedding and eaten three or four feasts over the day.

Having seen all her blood reports just two days prior, nothing was alarming me, so I just comforted her, saying we could speak in the morning her time and asked her to go to bed. Her puzzling text message next morning –

“I went.”
I texted back -“??”
now she says, “I went G.”

It was morning her time, but it was my bedtime after a long workday. I had no patience for a cryptic text message, so I called her. She said her weight is good after ‘she went.’ Something about how she said “I went” and how she explained what she meant cracked me up like crazy 🤣

So, my dear reader, the lesson of this email is this – on the best diet, you’ll lose a maximum of about 20-30 grams of fat per day – THAT’S IT!
And what’s more, ALL OF US have perpetually fluctuating body weight, and it is NORMAL. So, please know it is useless to measure it several times a day. Or even once every day in the weight loss context, no matter which “expert” tells you.

This is the best example of tracking useless things – and a mistake I see more often than I care to share.

By the way, I went = I pooped!


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