I’m NOT Teaching Any Recipes!


So many of you wrote in asking for healthy recipes!

A healthy way to make pakoras, chips, and sweets 😂 , and brand names of healthy oils. Oh, dear!

Folks, listen to me – here’s the first super easy and perhaps ONLY recipe you’ll need for health.

#1 Learn to eat ingredients.

If you want to lose weight, get over your health issues caused by insulin resistance, you must stop going after elaborate recipes.

Just steamed rice is a complete dish.

Cooked dhal is a complete dish.

Chopped vegetables and fruits are complete in and of themselves.

‘Oh Girija, what are you saying! Don’t you have any need for taste??’

They are all tasty on their own. To me, that is! And if you combine two or three of these, it gets even better.

And if it helps you eat more vegetables, grains, and lentils in their simple and pure form – you may use a little salt, some spices, and cook them minimally.

Above all else, learn to combine taste elements of ingredients elegantly.

Such as mixing the sweet carrots with salty greens and spicy onions and fresh, crisp cucumbers – it becomes tasty like any other elaborate dish, but only healthier!

Put a heap of this salad on cooked rice, salt to taste – it will become a filling pulao type dish.

You can combine colors, textures, tastes of plain vegetables, fruit, cooked pulses, and grains. Chopping a vegetable finely and mixing it with a little fruit makes it so much easier to eat as it becomes juicy.

With minimal cooking, it increases your options even more.

You know what eating this way does to you, dear reader?

a. It frees up your time, money, and mental space from traditional cooking.

b. The highly nourishing – zero nonsense way of eating will loosen your attachment to junk food.

c. You can eat this type of food to your fill without having to count calories or worry about weight gain.

One of my American friends went on a health resort stay recently, which was terrific, by her admission. She came back feeling so much lighter – both in body and mind – and sat down to reflect the one thing that may have led to the result. This is what she concluded – mostly eat what we count as ingredients. She spent upwards of 5000 dollars for this insight!



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