Surveys reveal that three out of every ten Indian women worry along the lines of :

  • Learning the Nutrition basics

  • Winning over food cravings

  • Getting closer to dream weight


When it comes to eating healthy and losing weight, there are two important steps:

1. Understand the basics:  theory

2. Establish the health habits: practice

It is really as simple as this, but you've got to do them both. But when you try to follow the steps, it feels like it's gonna take you for ever to get it okay, see some results, and keep it.

Here's how most women go about it.
The quest starts with:

"How can I look like her?"  

I get that - sometimes we just don't know how to describe what we want. But when you see someone being a certain way, you instantly register and say, that's how you want to be or that's who you want to be like - but don't know how.  

And it's soon followed by -

"What do I do next? How to see some results quickly?"

When the outcome you want is not clear, figuring out the steps to get there proves to be a sketchy guess game too. So they bravely ask the woman that impressed them, how they manage to look slim / lose weight etc.  

Most women LOVE to show off to the world how they're effortlessly beautiful / slim or how they lost weight while eating all the desi ghee-laden Parathas in the world. So, they say "Oh, expect me to diet! Good genes and great food - all made at home. Have a lemon juice with honey first thing, it really helped me detox and melt the fat away."  

Ha ha. If everyone around you were to play this misleading game, what are you to do?

Now imagine this:

What if you could define your situation precisely for what it is - your height, your weight, your situations, your cravings around food along with what your dreams are for your weight, for what healthy eating habits you'd like to develop.  

And imagine you'd come up with a step by step plan - just for you. Set goals. And be held accountable. Get closer to the results - which so far you've only seen others flaunting.  

You'd have plenty of time and energy to focus on work, family, kids. Or just curl up and read a book.  

The best part - you could finally stop checking with Google about "best weight loss meal plans for working women".  

Wouldn't that be great?  

As it turns out, for many women this is already a reality....

I'll share more about it all in just a minute, but first, you may be wondering "Girija, why should I listen to you?"

This story below, led me to commit myself - to piecing all the knowledge and skills I had gathered painstakingly over years, to help women get the food and healthy eating results they desired - read on ...

Hi, this is Girija Satyanarayan and am the founder of Health Initiatives.  

When I first started out, I worked as a hospital-based dietitian and Diabetes Educator for close to 15 years in India. During this time, I guided literally 1000s of people with matters related to food and health.  

Alongside this practice, I was also encouraged by my mentor at the time to intern at some of the top hospitals abroad, present papers at International Conferences and Seminars to stay current - it was a phase of intense growth and learning for me professionally.  

On the personal health front, I was fine except that I had seriously acne-prone skin from my teens that had stayed well beyond the teen years and it was still a bother. Also, despite all the knowing, behavior-wise my tendencies to lust for pastries and fried foods were ever present.

More often than not, I would give in to the temptation.  

Girija has worked in the field of Nutrition and Health Education for over 14 years at some of the premier institutions in India. She has a bachelor's degree in Nutrition, has trained in Diabetes Education, a certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from eCornell and Culinary Rx from Rouxbe.

Until the spell was broken, that is. I met and listened to people that were reversing the very diseases which I had believed were only manageable. They showed how Acne to Diabetes to Heart Disease - most every chronic condition came down to food. This was proved beyond a shred of doubt, in study after study.  

For the first time in my life, I was being shown the unbelievable healing power of food. I knew I wanted to share this with everyone that needed to hear this message. But in my world, I say or do nothing that I haven't first done myself. So, this called for a transformation - my own, to begin with.  

And this came about only after I studied all over again AND unlearned AND carefully relearned almost everything that I had known about Nutrition. This was by far the most challenging yet most rewarding phases of my life. Again, all this was after an Undergrad degree in Nutrition, plus 15 years of working as a dietitian within some of the top medical teams in the country those days and training a second generation of several health educators.  

I also realized the critical importance of practicing what I knew theoretically. After all, what good is any knowledge if it's not practiced, right? This was thanks to learning behavior management as part of Nutrition, during my transformation phase. I don't mean to brag here, but if I as someone with a strong working background Nutrition could go through so much trouble getting it right, what about other women?  

This whole experience led me to empathize with the struggles of other women. They too must be feeling lost and frustrated from not ever getting the results - whether it was getting a handle on their cravings, or learning to eat healthy or losing weight.  

And being a Indian woman myself, I was drawn to commit myself to helping other Indian women.  

The first step towards that dream weight and healthy eating is to crush the myths.

Now here's the thing, I am not the kind to give you overly simplistic, pseudo-happy stories about food.  

These three secrets am about to share, these alone could save you so much time and money and prevent the common agonies of this food journey.  

Plus, nobody else is teaching you about these time-sucking detours - the things not to do!  

So, please listen to me carefully -

Secret #1

Don't go around looking for the best gym or asking for the best personal trainer if you are looking to shed some excess weight.

Trying to focus on exercise as a way of weight loss goal is a serious misstep, my friend. Research is loud and clear on this. Yet this is one piece of info that's commonly not conveyed clearly. It takes enormous amounts of exercise even to burn small amount of calories. Your weight loss will be insignificant and temporary for all that time and money you pump into it.

Secret #2

Don't choose a diet that "sounds" good and "healthy" which will magically bring you desired results.

When it comes to Carbs, Protein and Fat somehow women think it's just like choosing from a menu of Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry flavors - thanks to the media!! Last time, I tried Chocolate and so let me go with the Vanilla this time around kinda thing. If this is how you decide on high-protein or high-fat or low-carb or whatever, this could cost you seriously with your long-term health, please be cautious.  

Without a working knowledge of Nutrition basics, one cannot sensibly make these decisions around High/Low Protein, High/Low Carb, High/Low Fat - correctly. 

Secret #3

Don't assume that mental or emotional stress is the cause for your emotional eating. 

Women tend to think their chocolate and pastry binges are a direct outcome of stress in their lives. After all it's only after the dreadful meeting with the boss-from-hell that they desire a chocolate! In the current world, every single one of us has stress. But not everyone experiences cravings or resorts to emotional eating. In fact, scientists and studies have shown how modern day food manufacturers manipulate the ingredients such that anybodycan lose control with food, even without stress.

What should you do then?

What I've seen to be most effective is to focus on the process.

Let me explain.  

What if you could learn the basics of Nutrition and translate them into everyday actionable steps to follow in the kitchen and at meal times?  

What if you could stop obsessing about weight outcomes and turn your attention to towards setting up a system to cook, eat and shop healthy?  

What if you could identify and unlearn the habits that don't serve you anymore and replace them with the ones that do?  

Well, you don't have to take my word - see what others are saying.


"Before I took your course, I constantly gave in to temptations, and made no effort to watch what I was eating. Even when I did, one slight disruption is all it took to go downhill permanently! Now, I am prepared for healthy eating on a daily basis and even take care of myself and my choices in the social context, when am with others. I have lost 20 lbs and still counting."

-Nisha, a highly talented design professional

mrin copy

"I really love food. I had signed up for so many fitness and health programs in the past. None of them were sustainable! Mind Your Gap Master Your Plate allowed me to take responsibility for how I ate and surprisingly, I have established my new habits, lost close to 17 lbs and feel much more energetic than ever before. I have rejoined my dance classes"

-Mrinalini, a mom and wife with a high profile job plus an ambitious business on the side


"My relationship with food has been tumultuous. My biggest achievement after taking your course is that my emotional eating has stopped - despite all the stressful situations in the last four weeks. My performance and recovery is better (I am a marathon runner and cyclist) and am calm around food."

Aparna, a super successful finance professional, mother and a marathoner

Finally, here's a tested recipe that takes you closer to your dream weight ...

Introducing Mind Your Gap Master Your Plate

Mind Your Gap Master Your Plate is a step-by-step online program in Nutrition, designed exclusively for Indian women.  

It helps you understand the basics, teaches you the secrets to get over your cravings, guides you in cultivating habits that are aligned to your goals and gets you closer to your dream weight.


You may be thinking how you could do this yourself.  

Or that how you don't need a whole course to learn about Nutrition or to eat healthy. Or even that, you could just sign up for free meal plans that are available online.  

Yes, it's definitely possible that you understand the basics - that's about 4-5 books from the library, that is after you figure out the right ones to read! 

And then, make notes. From this you could create an action plan for yourself. And tally it with the meal plan to see how it all fits.  

But would you worry if you got it alright?  

Or if you'd get the results?  

What if you have doubts along the way? 

Listen to what one of my clients says:


"Internet left me so confused about food Nutrition and weight loss. It's only after the course that I am finally eating normally without worrying about a thousand things each time I put some food in my mouth. I have never felt so energized since ages."

-Nimisha, a young mom, educationist who is pursuing an advanced degree in Law on the side.

Here is what to expect:

Mind Your Gap Master Your Plate is a beautifully structured program offered in a sequence of seven modules - each building over the earlier such that, you have the highest chance of getting the results you desire.

How does Mind Your Gap Master Your Plate work?

  • It is an interactive course spread over 8 modules
  • It synthesizes the best of what research in the areas of Nutrition and Psychology has revealed about food and managing our behavior around it.
  • It takes about 90 -120 minutes of your time commitment per week
  • Each module involves clearly defined learning AND doing steps - so that you don't ever have to figure it all out.
  • Each exercise is bite-sized and you'll have just one module per week - so that you don't ever feel overwhelmed.
  • There are two catch-up weeks when no new modules are released - so that you always stay current, even if/when "life happens".
  • There will be a weekly Facebook interaction within our own closed group - so that you get your doubts and questions addressed.
  • You will have lifetime access to the course content - so that you can refresh your memory and understanding, as and when you need it.

Mind Your Gap Master Plate Curriculum 

A new module is made accessible every week for you to process. Here is a bird's eye view of the themes in each module.  

Module 1 - Mindset: Eating healthy begins with cultivating the mindset to evaluate the information and ask the right questions.  

Module 2 - Environment: A big part of eating healthy is about understanding the role of Environment and its effect on your eating behavior.  

Module 3 - Behavior: It is imperative to examine behavior in its context and how it brings the feeling of joy.  

Module 4 - Nutrition - Big 3: Understanding the basics of Nutrition with respect to Carbs, Protein and Fat to help you evaluate the information out there intelligently.  

Module 5 - Nutrition - Important 3: Understanding the basics of Nutrition with respect to Minerals, Vitamin and Fiber to help you see the information out there in a right frame of reference.  

Module 6 - Ethics: Understanding our food and food choices from Ethics perspective to give you a logical framework to make your everyday food decisions from a place of informed choice.

Module 7 - Strategies: Like they say, "if you fail to prepare, you'd better prepare to fail" is very true when it comes to eating in alignment with your goals, in a social setting. This is where you learn the secrets.  

Module 8 - Resources: This module is loaded with kitchen-smarts for making healthy food taste heavenly. 

"Hey, wait a minute! No mention of exercises here, will I still lose weight?"

There is a burgeoning body of research that is emphatic about physical activity NOT contributing to weight loss.  

This is one of the most significant studies in recent times - researchers fitted GPS units on to a group of hunter-gatherer tribe people and gathered data of all the enormous physical activity in their everyday lives. Then they compared that with the data recorded on American office workers.  

It turned out that both groups were burning the same number of calories per day!

Mind Your Gap Master Your Plate is perfect for you if:

  • You are an Indian woman who sees the importance of learning the basics of Nutrition to make sound decisions about food.
  • You are seeking to get empowered around everyday food, eating and cooking situations.
  • You are someone who can ask for and receive guidance about food and eating, without feeling fragile or sensitive about it.
  • You realize there is effort involved in making mental shifts towards healthy eating and cooking - and you are willing, for the results you desire.

Mind Your Gap Master Your Plate is NOT perfect for you if:

  • You are pregnant.
  • If you have just delivered a baby (or have a baby under the age of two).
  • If you are on medications of any kind.

You may be thinking, "Girija, who has time for a whole course at this time?"

I get it! Mind Your Gap Master Your Plate as a program has been built to accommodate the needs of busy women. But still it does involve time commitment. And most of our clients are super-successful working women with young families. 

But consider this...

What would you have done today, if you did not have to worry about your excess weight?  

Where would you go, if you felt confident in your own skin?  

How would you be and what would you feel about being your best self around food?  

Developing healthy eating habits is a gift that keeps on giving all your life.  

You must've heard of the quote " People do not decide their futures; they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures".  

But like everything worthwhile in life, putting your new habits in place requires effort and learning on your part.  

And unless you take action, you tomorrow will only be a repeat of yesterday.

This sounds like exactly what I need! What's My Investment?

The Entire Mind Your Gap Master Your Plate course, including access to your private Facebook Group, is only $229!


We are deeply committed to helping you understand the basics of Nutrition and translate that knowledge in to actionable healthful behavior that will serve you for life.  

Please do not enroll in Mind Your Gap Master Your Plate "just to try out". 

We have a no refund policy here at

Still have questions?

If you have any further questions about Mind Your Gap Master Your Plate being a good fit for your needs, just send me an email using the form below and ask away!!

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