Oh Thanks To The Hot Chic Waiter Girl, Venky Went Red!

Hi, my dear reader,

These days I love coming to vacation rentals with a kitchenette as opposed to a hotel room. Being equipped to cook your own food – should the inspiration strike – isn’t something I’d want to miss.

That is especially true for me in a plant paradise place like Maui! The sheer variety and access to farm-fresh harvest is like no other in an agriculture-dominated state like Hawaii.

All that said, the first three days of being here we ate at a restaurant. We had signed up for a bunch of other activities. One of which was to spend a day deep in the forest area, where a nearby local farming family catered to our food needs.

We were excited about our find of this eating joint and ordered our salad. Five minutes later, our sweet young waiter served a plate, and I said to my husband, “we can share this, baby .. the second plate must come soon”.

Waiter girl was a little surprised, “you meant two plates, right??” I confirmed no, two salads, and went back to the conversation with my husband.

The second day we were at another restaurant, and we asked for a salad. Same response – hey, we wanted to check if you meant two plates or two salads. No error, two salads, I said.

The third day was the best! 😂

We went to this place called Flatbread Company for my husband’s birthday lunch. As usual, we ordered two salads. And one pizza – thin crust, only veg, no cheese – after ten minutes, I added.

Five minutes went by, and our lovely waitress comes by and asks -” did you really want two salads? Our servings are big, just so you know” .. I said yes and smiled. And then, very spontaneously, she said, “You want a veggie pizza ten minutes after that??”

Oh, dear! 😂😂😂

The and word and the tone of surprise 😂 Venky was red by this time!

I gave her a chuckle and said “yes and yes” 😂 and sensed our conversation wouldn’t resume until after I had enlivened Venky .. and had to come up with something. And I spontaneously said – “What guy wouldn’t want to be memorable to a hot chic! Trust me, she’ll remember you as the sweet guy who wolfed down a salad and followed it with a pizza!”

And our man was laughing and smiling, and all was well again.

I secretly ordered a beautiful macadamia nut torte with pineapples to end the meal.

My dear reader, whether it’s a guy or a girl eating huge salads in front of crowds, does make others feel awkward. They think that way because they know they themselves aren’t doing it. And they _are_ supposed to be doing it!

So, often they will convey their awkwardness by way of surprise. Our waiter ladies in all three situations may not have felt the slightest embarrassment themselves. They may have purely asked for clarity of the order.

But if you’re a big salad eater or want to become one, you must learn to handle such situations by feeling offended or embarrassed. Often, you will still feel bashful – like how Venky did – even after years of being this way. That doesn’t go away at all. And you’ve got to learn to take it in your stride.

Plus, you’ve to remind yourself that vegetables and fruit are extremely low in calories when cooked right. So, one needs to eat a fair quantity to feel satiated. And one can afford to take in big helpings as well, without worrying about gaining weight.

Life lessons come anywhere anytime .. no!

I’ll catch up with you soon, am going away on a farm tour after this email .. here are some salad pictures for your inspiration.






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