kahi pe nigahein kahi pe nishaana

D is one of the most vivacious people I’ve spoken with! She’s fun, quick-witted and was an antyakshari winner at her club. And besides 100 s of things she does, she likes to make wish lists in her head. Literally hundreds of them! She can’t remember or keep track. D: Hi G, can you write

“G, I want to be happy this year .. that’s my goal for 2019”

Background – A was someone who worked very diligently, lost a lot of weight and maintained it effectively. Now, she’s worried that she’s not “naturally thin” and “happy”.. whatever that means! We tend to put pressure on ourselves to make resolutions and to be happy around this time of the year .. so sharing it

“G, should I do keto? Or Paleo??”

For most of women, this question is no different than asking ‘should I go for a bandhani saree or an ajrakh?’  For the slightly more seasoned ones it could be ‘keto-vegetarian or keto-pescetarian?’ ..! Or how about ‘gluten free paleo’? Just like saying, bandhani saree with ajrakh palla! This is like ultimate sophistication .. at

Theme For Jan 2019: Clarity

As I take in the exquisiteness of this blank canvas of a brand new year ahead of me, it feels VERY exciting. SO much to learn, SO much to give, SO much to do! And I’m hearing a voice saying – ‘oh, you are just one person Girija’ Sigh! Yes. I’m not arguing .. it