What Nobody Ever Explained To You About Protein

Let me tell you a story of some guests we had, when I was growing up in India. The man and his wife were both medical doctors and they were visiting, with their two little children. And they lived abroad. Ours was a vegetarian household, by which I mean dairy was the only animal sourced

What Nobody Tells You About Emotional Eating

Are you someone or do you know someone who has a rather stressed relationship with food? Are you someone or do you know someone that uses food to deal with stressful situations? And not even realize it?? This could have happened to most of us as a one off thing – as children, during growing

The Giant Confusion Around Food And Eating PLUS How To Solve It

    Mrinalini wanted to be a good example to her little children. She wanted to be able to take informed decisions around food without having to go back to school to study Nutrition. She had tried to exercise away her extra pounds gained over the years and she had started to wonder about the

What Happens When You Seek A Food Professional

“Oh my God, what if she scolds me for my chocolate habit?” ” Wonder if she’s gonna believe what I have to say about how little I eat, after she sees me in person!” “Do you think my food coach can tell if I cheated just just a wee little bit?” There, there! Let me

Number #1 Mistake Of A Weight-loss Journey And What To Do Instead

Fact: Neither of us has a compulsion to sharing this story with the world. That said, Nisha and I both realize the power of stories like these, upon which the takeaways stand. It’s her utter purity of intention to reach someone that may be in a similar situation, which inspires me to let you in

Desi Visitor To The US – Part 3

Hello there , I’ve been waiting to tell you this ..! After I last spoke with you, I had some shopping to get done before the upcoming weekend and off we went. Now, this is a warehouse store where you get to shop when you are a paid member with them. One thing about these