Milking your money and health! Jan 30th

This starts pretty early in life. Your grandma tells you – ghee is sacred. It is the gift of cows and food for gods. Then your ma tells you – want lustrous hair and skin? Chupchaap take some ghee! Then your doctor tells you – for easy digestion, make sure you get your share of

Sugar Is Less And Cardamom Is Too Strong – A Life Lesson

As a kid, I got invited to a bunch of houses reasonably regularly to taste test. I was about 7 – 8 ish, and in particular, this neighbor aunty would give me a taste of every single prasadam she made. The belief was that a small kid held precedence even to God. And I happened

Sometimes In Life It’s YOU Versus you

“Hey, fry me some pooris no, pleeeease?” ” Hey, make me some paneer bhurji to go with it no, pleeeease?” The voices inside call out your name, begging you to give in to some craving. Just this ONE time, it pleads! But you know what, sometimes winning means defeating yourself.  This happens to be the

“It’s V Hard When People Don’t Like Me .. Why Don’t I Just Go With Whatever They Say?”

Dear reader, Now and then, it so happens, that I will be reading a book when some words, some guidance, some insights just leap out of the page! And ask to be internalized. Like, that voice inside is SO clear about this instruction. And I wonder, why is it saying this now? Am I going

Am Not Sure You Grasped This At All!

My mentor says, “in this day and age, success comes to those who know how to cut out the noise and focus on what truly matters!” Golden words, isn’t it, dear reader? She often says this to get us on track. Given just how it snaps me out of mindless activity each time she says

Acceptance .. What Does It Mean?

Have you given this question a thought as to what acceptance may mean to you? In the name of respecting each other, people sometimes require us to suspend our thinking faculties. Let me share a story. Someone I know happened to phone her dad to ask him to be careful. She shared with him how