Are Thin People Required To Watch What They Eat?

Just like most Desi mothers, my visiting mother-in-law took over most of the cooking responsibility while she stayed here. My husband was delighted about getting to eat his mom’s cooking again! And I was pleased (touched, actually!)  for her readiness to eat completely plant-based, just like the two of us eat. Now, that meant she

The Secret To Quitting Your Favorite Foods While Dieting

One of the most frequently asked questions am asked is, if I tell people to quit eating meat or dairy or some other food. The fact is, I don’t take any long term decisions for my clients. However, I do invite them to try quitting certain foods for a brief period just for the feel

The Lure Of Food Versus Joy Of Health

  When we first met, Nimisha was struggling with problems of skin, hair and low energy. She had scoured all the resources on internet and it had left her feeling miserable, angry and hurt. Above all else, confused!    When the information shared has an agenda to fill the biz coffers primarily, it is hard

Here’s What I’d Alert You About Food Cravings

I had three people share their stories with me last week. Different people at different ages, distinctly different situations and one common thread. Read it for yourself to see what I mean. I’ll call this newly minted PhD, new-to-workforce girl in her late 20 s, Rima. She had taken special effort to get her eating

Fix This ONE Thing To Get A Handle On Your Cravings

This woman who got on the Mumbai train had an unusually large bag for a work commute. The last stop at VT was about an hour away, maximum. Thankfully, the train wasn’t as full and she found place for herself and the bag. She quickly opened a box and hurriedly ate up a vada-pav neatly

The Power Of Choice

  A nurse in palliative care took notes and recorded the regrets of dying people in the last twelve weeks of their lives. After doing this for many many years with that many people, she observed how there was a pattern emerging in what they had shared with her. She put it all in a