It Is A Custom, After All ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Today am going to tell you a story. It’s from the time when I was within this Endocrine team and I would function like my boss’s assistant and sit through the patient consultations, take notes and explain the conversation in simple language to the patients later and so on. When I wasn’t assisting him, I’d

“How The Hell Should I Celebrate If Am Not Eating Paneer, No booze, No This Or That??”

No objects were hurled at anybody and nobody was injured in this discussion – just saying! 🙂 Hi lovely reader, I get to have some absolutely wonderful, deep and meaningful conversations with women as part of the work I do. Just can’t tell you how grateful I feel for the wisdom I glean from all this.

They Wanted Vada Pav For Comfort .. Here’s What I Gave Them

Dear reader, isn’t it fascinating how we carry our childhood memories of specific comfort food!  Speaking one’s mother tongue, serving someone their comfort food must be two definite ways of taking friendship to the next level with people. But sometimes, people tend to develop unexplained deep liking for something they’ve only just seen or experienced. So

Masala Vada Recipe That Turned Out To Be A Big Hit This Vijayadashami

Hi lovely reader, Here’s a savory Amboday or Masala Vada recipe – sent well ahead of time for the upcoming Diwali! All summer long we got to eat the sweetest corn this time .. it was so juicy and so delicious that it has totally turned me into a corn-snob for the first time. So, as summer is

Oh Thanks To The Hot Chic Waiter Girl, Venky Went Red!

Hi my dear reader, These days I love coming to vacation rentals with a kitchenette as opposed to a hotel room. Being equipped for an opportunity to cook your own food – should the inspiration strike – isn’t something I’d want to miss. That is especially true for me in a plant paradise place like Maui! The sheer variety and

A Zero-Guilt Laddoo You Can Make In 5 Minutes Or Less

Hi there my dear reader, It’s been the busiest two weeks since I’ve last spoke with you .. but tests are over, assignments submitted and am on my way to getting better as a fragrance artist 🙂 Someone engaged me in a conversation over this .. I explained everything I knew in great detail from