Sometimes In Life It’s YOU Versus you

“Hey, fry me some pooris no, pleeeease?”

” Hey, make me some paneer bhurji to go with it no, pleeeease?”

The voices inside call out your name, begging you to give in to some craving. Just this ONE time, it pleads!

But you know what, sometimes winning means defeating yourself. 

This happens to be the tag line of the new sports fantasy novel that released, a co-collaboration of Kobe Bryant. It came out just a couple of days ago, and I’m so looking forward to reading it! I really hope you do too.

The current corona phase continues to prey as we are grappling with the chaos and destruction it has left in its trail. And now more than ever, my dear reader, you must not allow your cravings to win the better of you!

Defeating your cravings to eat oily, deep-fried, dairy-rich, meat, and egg-based fatty foods give you a much higher chance of winning the battle against corona.

Here’s a short but informative video I’d love for you to watch. And do what it asks of you!


Remember, sometimes defeating yourself is what brings you to sweet victory.

Until next time,

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