Sugar Is Less And Cardamom Is Too Strong – A Life Lesson

As a kid, I got invited to a bunch of houses reasonably regularly to taste test. I was about 7 – 8 ish, and in particular, this neighbor aunty would give me a taste of every single prasadam she made.

The belief was that a small kid held precedence even to God. And I happened to be the chosen one because she’d get precise feedback. Like this one she remembered from so long ago – ‘मामी, सककरे कम्मि, एलककी तुंबा जास्ति’ – meaning, sugar is less and cardamom is too strong.

I never knew what was so valuable about that at all until one time when I visited her house in my 20s. By this time, we had long moved out, and we were no longer neighbors with her.

And she said this – ‘ you were such a tiny kid and you’d unabashedly tell me such is less, something else is more .. something was sooo sweet about how you’d say it, that I’d also mockingly say it like you all the time!

I’d tell mama*, and wife time is too less, office time is too much’ .. I’d even ask myself that question with everything else in my life, she said.
For instance, ‘I’d be so lonely after you folks moved out – and I’d ask myself, what I need more of and what I need less of.’ Invariably, I’d get the right answer!

More friends, fewer machines.

More gardening, less whining.

More mama*, less Manorama – and she started laughing!
*mama = her husband and Manorama = another neighbor aunty who talks and talks without taking hints to stop

Since that day, I’ve also made it my tradition to ask myself that question pretty regularly.

What do I need more of, what do I need less of?

It is SO useful when I am cooking, blending perfumes or painting.

But it is especially useful for life.

So, my lovely reader, tell me what you need more of and what you need less of?

Here’s what I wish for you, more clarity and fewer distractions and plenty of love!

❤️, g

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