The Math Of Weight Gain And Weight Loss

A friend set me up to hang out with four of her friends! It’s usually the same group of four or five of us women. We get together, and we chat. Given that each of us is involved in a different area of work, there’s so much to banter about.

But one of them wanted to shake things up a little bit and came up with this fun idea – and that’s how I got to hang out with four new ladies that are friends of my friend. And I had to share something impactful about my area of expertise in five minutes or under.
This is what I gave –

“On average, most women I speak to have some variation of this story … they share how they have gradually gained about 18-20 kilos in like, 20 years. And most of them tell me how unnoticeable it all was – as in, they felt the change only when they had to get into a blouse that was bought 5 or 10 years ago or some situation like that. Otherwise, they felt no change from month to month. Or even year to year!”

They were like – ‘how the hell do you know my story, were you eavesdropping on my thoughts?? Go on, bol dal! Tell us everything!!’

And I continued – “So, that makes it just about 1 kilo or less gained every year, consistently. That roughly translates to about 8000 calories worth of fat stored over 365 days. And that comes down to something like 20-22 excess calories per day! That is how much it takes to pile on those 20 kilos over 20 years. And not ever notice it.”

Now, my dear reader, we can do two things with any information. This is what I said to that group, and I’ll share it with you too – “we can allow it to empower us and guide our actions. Or we can choose to feel offended and think ‘oh this damn Girija .. always spoiling my fun!’

Whatever you do, know that it is a choice. My intention for sharing was to empower you.

Do you have any questions for me on what I shared?
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