They Wanted Vada Pav For Comfort .. Here’s What I Gave Them

Dear reader, isn’t it fascinating how we carry our childhood memories of specific comfort food!  Speaking one’s mother tongue, serving someone their comfort food must be two definite ways of taking friendship to the next level with people.

But sometimes, people tend to develop unexplained deep liking for something they’ve only just seen or experienced. So much so that it baffles the person feeling it. I feel fortunate to see and meet people here who feel this way about India and Indian food.

“How did I live all these years without this?”, they said of vada pav 🙂

The genuine warmth of the chaat person serving it, the vibrant bustle of  Mumbai and it’s sweet everyday people – they were smitten by it all! And they wondered if I could make some … at 9 pm in the night!

At any time of the day (or night) I don’t deep fry stuff in my house ..  but didn’t have the heart to say it out loud to them. And I wasn’t going to relax this small but absolutely critical rule I’ve made for myself about 8-9 years ago.

So here’s what I came up with. And DELIGHTED report it was a huge hit.

I don’t have pictures the final of the final product, as it got eaten up right away .. but you’ll definitely get the point – so here we go!

Step 1 – Warm a lavash bread on the tava


Step 2 – Place the alu sabji and garlic chutney as seen in the picture


Step 3 – Roll it tightly as seen in the third picture

I’ve no pictures from this point onward –

Step 4 – Cut the roll into 1 inch rounds

Step 5 – Roast the alu exposed sides of the roll on the tava until it turns a crispy golden brown

Step 6 – Serve with green and red chutney, plus tomato ketchup or sauce

It comes very close to the real thing MINUS all the evil of oil and deep frying. And that, in my books is a huge PLUS!

You know lovely reader, food must feel good long after you’ve eaten it. Isn’t it? What’s the point in eating something if it’s going to make you feel guilty and miserable ten minutes after??

Well, that’s my yardstick for saying yes (or no!) to anything in life.

On that note, Jai ho to desi food  ❤️

Phir milenge!

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