This Is Gonna Bring You And Everyone At Home A b-i-g Smile

Hi there!

I’m taking a few precious minutes to give you the first peek into my invention, so let’s dive right in!

I don’t know what it is about boiled/steamed aloo that’s refrigerated, and it just turns magical!

See, here it is. Just plain aloo from the fridge, that was chapkofied face down on a hot tava. Cover with a lid, to allow the heat from below to brown it. Plus, the steam within will help release it off the tava without any oil.

Sprinkle a little black pepper and salt, if you desire.
Transfer it onto a bowl.
Top it with a little ketchup. Or not!

Wear your goofiest smile, sing aloud, and enjoy your chapkofied aloo fries.

Oh, wait, toast .. to your health .. OUR health .. cheers! 

Hai na awesome??

Much love,


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