Three Actions That Mend Period Pains, PCOS And Fatty Liver Will Also Help You Defeat Corona

How much the world has changed in just one week, my dear reader!

It is at times like this that we all value what remains to be our “mundane” familiar. Thank god for that! It is especially at times like now that I want to send gratitude via this post and say ‘thank you for this weekly rendezvous.’ I write because you are there to read it. And you mean the world to me.

Now, I’d like to point something fascinating to you about yourself. Which is right about all of us. And it is this –

If I were to tell you to add something to your day, your diet, or your wardrobe, you’d do it readily.

Add 10 minutes of meditation ya reader. Yes G, will do.

Please take a vitamin in addition to this veggie ya reader. Sure! Will do, G.

Hey, please buy this handbag ya reader, it’s on discount. Aiyyo, why please and all, tell me where to pay up, G.

But if I were to ask you to let go of something from your day, diet, or wardrobe, you’d resist it. Even if that thing were causing undesirable outcomes in your life, you’ll fight and cling to it, refusing to let go.

And this is NOT your shortcoming, my friend. It is a bias. 

Our brains come hard-wired with certain biases. And this is one of them. In the stone age, it was mostly a scarcity of resources that killed our ancestors. Be it of food, clothing, or any other valuable resource – it was a deficit of some kind that cost them their very survival. And our current brain has evolved to factor in this historical data. So, it perceives ‘letting go’ as ‘threat to survival’ even in the face of extraordinary abundance.

A wise person recognizes these biases about our brain and compensates for this error of perception. This is especially true when it comes to matters of health and food. 

In the enormous mountains of data available today, health problems such as

period pains,


fatty liver,


pimples up to Alzheimer’s disease are traced to what we eat and perceive as food.

It almost feels amusing to think how these three actions of –

a. quit dairy

b. quit meat

c. quit eggs

can help us almost defeat all these health problems.

And to this long list of problems, you may now count the new or novel virus, Corona.

I do not know of any dramatic way to present this simply stunning scientific truth in plain sight. I don’t know. It is up to you to take it. Or not.

I’ll see you next week. Stay well.


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