What Can You Do With 30 ml Of Oil For A Whole Month! It Is SO Less :-(

Tell me something – did you think this q yourself anytime?

Even if you haven’t, it’s okay – because I am going to answer it for someone else today – and you can listen in.

I’ve been after people who consult with me to eat less oil. Especially with this COVID threat, and we know that oily foods reduce our immunity.

So when this lady asked me this q on skype, I promised to email her my response. Some things you need to see in writing – on a paper – to grasp the meaning in its entirety.

And you get to see what I wrote for her. Please consider taking a print out of it and stick it on your refrigerator or someplace in your kitchen.

Q: What is the smallest teaspoon measure of oil that I have verified to work well for ONE dosa and tadka for a quantity of 4 people, etc.?

A: 1/8 teaspoon.

Q: How many 1/8 tsp measures are there in 30 ml of oil?

A: 240

Q: How many would that be per week and per day?

A: That would be 60 per week and approximately 8 per day.

Q: How would you use the quota of 8 one eighth tsp measures in a day – please enlist.

A: If I have to answer this Q for myself, I can never use it all up even if I want to! I always find myself having some on hand. Here’s how it breaks down for me –

a. Sambar – 1/8 – the amount of sambar I make and use, keeps for two days

b. Rasam – 1/8 – same as above, lasts for two days

c. Sabji like dry veg curries or gravy-like chole, rajma – 1/8 – keeps for two days

d. Idli – I never oil the plates

e. Dosa – I only oil once every 3-4 dosas

f. upma, poha, jeera rice, mushroom pulao – max 1/4 tsp

Oh and! I forgot to say this – for pressure cooking the toor dhal, I use even lesser than 1/8 tsp. I mostly use just a drop.

A drop (1/64 tsp), a smidgen (1/32 tsp), and pinch (1/16 tsp) measuring spoons are wonderful, even more importantly a necessity, to keep in your kitchen. They are usually found in bakery supplies aisle of your department store.

Now tell me, dear reader, how would you want to think of it –

just 1 ounce 

or only 30 ml 

or oh-wow-240-freaking-1/8-teaspoons of oil??

They are all the same. And not the same too, in a strange way!



PS: For my sanity, I made a rule about 11-12 years ago that I would NOT ever cook anything deep-fried in my kitchen. And I’ve found myself eating deep-fried food outside of home no more than 5-6 times a year. It is ALWAYS unpleasant afterward. And my body is slowly learning to reject it stronger than my tongue craves it – I observe them tussle over it.

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