What’s The Common Thread In Irregular Periods, Weight Gain, Pimples And Diabetes?

In the early 90 s when I was college, we’d think of diabetes, irregular periods, unwanted excessive facial hair, and pimples, much like how we felt about floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes. They were all ‘acts of God.’

If a girl were unfortunate, she would have to deal with the anguish of painful periods. Or take insulin injections for her diabetes during pregnancy.

Worse was when a girl whose engagement was broken came to our endocrine clinic. All because the boy’s side felt she was too hairy. And she was doubly unfortunate as she hailed from an orthodox family and was also getting married into one – and she was not allowed to go to a beauty parlor to get that unsightly hair taken care of.

Do you want to know the common thread connecting all these health issues we face as women?

The answer is high-fat content in the foods we consume. That’s it.

The excess fat we take in by way of animal foods, and fatty plant foods such as coconut and vegetable oils cause what is called insulin resistance.

The insulin resistance then goes on to disrupt many critical cellular activities, causing a cascade of one adverse event after another in every organ system inside our bodies.

In the next email, let us discuss the topic further. Let’s see what is an acceptable amount of fat for us to stay healthy. Hit reply and send your questions, dear reader. I’ll do my best to take as many questions as I can!



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