Wise Counsel I Got Today

“You must be far more concerned about your current approach than about your current result.”

I have a mentor, someone who gives me precious feedback on biz and personal things. And this is what they had to say to me today.

The context was to say how everyday efforts come off as almost meaningless and too trivial. And because of that, I’ve been under the wrong impression that it won’t matter so much. ‘Which hell will break loose if I skip my salad just for a day?’ kinda thinking. Like you may also have, many times. Right?

That is until they gave me this feedback. The way they said it, the situation .. I don’t know what it was. But it got me today!

We all tend to worry way more about results than about our approach to things generally. That’s why I shared that wisdom with you, my lovely reader.

I’ll keep this email v v short – have a fun recipe for you here and here.

I have a recipe for a sweet variation for you, my lovely reader of this blog post. Here’s what I did – I took a 1/2 cup of boiled chickpeas, four soaked dates, one tablespoon of cocoa powder – processed it in the food processor. It made for a delightful chocolate hummus, which I used as a sweet filling in the roll.

I hope you’ll try making this!


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